The Donaghey Emerging Analytics Center
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Who We Are
The EAC is a research center at UA Little Rock that specializes in immersive visualization, virtual/augmented/mixed realities, interactive technologies and ubiquitous computing, and the intersection of machine learning and cybersecurity.
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Our Mission
The mission of the EAC centers on using immersive and interactive visualization research to solve complex, big data problems in industry, government, and research organizations.
Our Directorates

Our Directorates

Our Projects

Anatomical Eyes Thumbnail

Anatomical Eyes

Anatomical Eyes One of the core challenges in medical education and practice is getting familiar with anatomy and all of the different parts that make

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Scenario generated Thumbnail

Scenario Generation

Scenario Generation A significant challenge in infantry training simulation is designing unique terrain and urban environments. A very specific problem is that current fixed-simulation environments

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Real Estate thumbnail

Real Estate 360

Real Estate 360 The concept behind Real Estate 360 is a 360-degree virtual application designed to help realtors show homes or commercial sites. This application

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ModuleStations Thumbnail

Interactive Interior Design

Interactive Interior Design Our research team is exploring the use of immersive spaces to perform interactive design. Our current project focuses on designing a reconfigurable

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3D Sculpting Thumbnail

3D Sculpting

3D Sculpting One of the most exciting aspects of virtual reality is how much it stimulates our imagination. We have developed a 3D sculpting environment

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