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Augmented Reality Medical Gown

This augmented reality mobile app is intended to show a future direction for personalized medical records. The user-owned gown can carry a patient’s medical history, including imaging information from MRIs, CT Scans, and X-rays. The medical information is correlated to the patient’s body and can be explored through an AR-enabled device.

The intent of this application is to investigate how to use these techniques to improve caregiver-patient interactions as well as aid diagnostics and treatment planning. The Augmented Reality Medical Gown makes use of Vuforia target markers; these markers are either part of the gown’s printed pattern or attached separately. The target markers enable the overlaying of content-specific imagery directly onto the patient’s body using the Unity game engine. When viewed through a camera-equipped mobile device, the patient data can be visualized directly where the affected area is.

These visual aids can help patients and doctors understand conditions and how a possible treatment might improve them. The Augmented Reality Gown can enhance a doctor’s understanding of an individual patient’s condition and reduce the risk of associating the wrong imagery with a patient.