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Maximus AR

The Maximus AR (Augmented Reality) Application, or the Mascot AR Selfie, enables fans attending the Jack Stephens Center for the Little Rock Trojans basketball games to have a memorable and interactive experience. By allowing the user to aim a smartphone or tablet, with the AR application installed, at a specially designed poster you can take snapshots of yourself or friends with the mascot, Maximus. The user can also play/interact with Maximus’ various animations and poses. The EAC’s intent of this application is to show how Augmented Reality can be used in marketing, advertising and entertainment.

Give our Maximus AR Application with the target image above.

How to use:

1. Download the AR application  to desired smartphone device or tablet.
2. Aim your smartphone device or tablet at the image poster.
3. Position yourself and/or others with the virtual character by standing a few feet from the image poster.
4. You can choose different poses / animations for Maximus to be in as you stand with him.
5. Press camera icon button to snap a picture!

Sneak Peak!