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PRESENCE Editorial Information | PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality | MIT Press

Editorial Information

Contact info


Eugene Ch’ng, University of Nottingham
Albert “Skip” Rizzo, University of Southern California

Associate Editors

  • Norman I. Badler, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jeremy Bailenson, Stanford University
  • Cagatay Basdogan, Koc University, Istanbul
  • Aryabrata Basu, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Frank Biocca, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Kristopher J. Blom, Virtual Human Technologies
  • Martin Buss, Technische Universität München
  • Seungmoon Choi, POSTECH, South Korea
  • Tim Collins, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Sabine Coquillart, INRIA, France
  • Scott S. Fisher, University of Southern California
  • Doron Friedman, Inderdisciplinary Center Herzliya
  • Antonio Frisoli, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy
  • Joseph L. Gabbard, Virginia Tech
  • Diego Gutierrez, Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Antal Haans, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Matthias Harders, University of Innsbruck
  • Ali Israr, Disney Research
  • Myounghoon “Philart” Jeon, Virginia Tech
  • Lynette A. Jones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Anatole Lécuyer, INRIA/IRISA, France
  • R. Bowen Loftin, University of Missouri
  • Katerina Mania, Technical University of Crete
  • Franck Multon, Université Rennes 2
  • Marko Munih, University of Ljubljana
  • Tabitha C. Peck, Davidson College
  • Sylvia Xueni Pan, University of London
  • Holger Regenbrecht, University of Otago
  • Andreas Riener, University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt
  • Robert Riener, ETH Zurich
  • Joseph M. Rosen, M.D., Dartmouth College
  • Amela Sadagic, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Brian Simpson, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Robert J. Stone, University of Birmingham
  • Simon M. Su, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Franco Tecchia, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  • Greg Welch, University of Central Florida
  • Mary Whitton, Renaissance Computing Institute
  • Sandra Woolley, Keele University
  • Xubo Yang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Previous Editors-in-Chief

  • Roy Ruddle
  • Janet M. Weisenberger
  • Mel Slater
  • Nat Durlach
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