Networked Hololens

This application showcases some of the greatest strengths of mixed reality in terms of productivity and collaboration in the digital age. Devices like the Hololens allow users not only to view virtual objects but to engage with them in the context of real space. You can view and interact with realistically scaled virtual objects in physical space rather than in the purely virtual, isolated space of a VR headset. This application furthers this idea by showcasing a collaborative virtual environment. Multiple users can engage simultaneously with the same virtual objects, making real-time changes that are shared between users, all while remaining visible and engaged with one another. For example, if one user paints the whale model, their changes appear to the other users.

The mixed reality approach of the Hololens reduces the isolated nature of the VR environment. Users can work in the same space interacting with the same virtual object in much the same way they would with a physical object. If one person wants to draw attention to something, they can simply reach out and point to it and everyone else can see what they are pointing to.