Jayasri Sai Nikitha Guthula presents at IEEE VR 2024

Jayasri Sai Nikitha Guthula presenting “Navigating Gender Biases in XR: Toward Equitable Technological Future” at IEEE VR 2024

In a detailed study presented at IDEATExR workshop at the IEEE VR 2024 conference, Jayasri Sai Nikitha Guthula, working under the guidance of Dr. Arya Basu at the Emerging Analytics Center, has embarked on important research addressing gender biases within XR technologies. This collaborative effort has produced insightful proposals aimed at mitigating the systemic underrepresentation of women in XR. Their findings emphasize the importance of inclusivity in the development of XR technologies. By identifying and proposing solutions to the barriers faced by women, the research advocates for more equitable participation in XR spaces. 

This research has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the VR community. By highlighting the necessity for gender-inclusive practices and safety in design, they encourage a shift in how developers, stakeholders, and users approach VR technology. The focus on creating a balanced and equitable VR ecosystem could lead to enhanced user experiences and broader acceptance of VR technologies.

Looking ahead, their work lays the groundwork for a future where VR technology is inherently inclusive and safe for all users. Jayasri is now focusing on privacy within VR, aiming to ensure that everyone feels secure and comfortable, further encouraging the widespread adoption of VR technologies. By advocating for “VR for everyone,” their ongoing efforts seek to democratize access to VR, ensuring it is designed with the needs and safety of all users in mind. This vision for the future of VR emphasizes the necessity of privacy and inclusivity as foundational pillars for the next generation of VR technologies.

The IEEE VR 2024 conference has served as a critical platform for showcasing their research, reinforcing the event’s role in fostering a community dedicated to advancing VR technology in ethical and inclusive ways. Their work underscores the conference’s importance in highlighting cutting-edge research that seeks to not only innovate within the field but also ensure that such innovations are accessible and beneficial to a diverse global audience.

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