Refining Game Programming Education: Dr. Ivan Rodriguez Conde’s Endeavors at JENUI 2023

In the dynamic academic landscape, continual progress is a sine qua non. Embodying this ethos, Dr. Ivan Rodriguez Conde, the Director of HCI at the EAC and an assistant professor from the Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock, recently showcased his work at the JENUI 2023 conference. Held in the historic city of Granada (Spain) from July 5 to 7, the conference served as an intellectual platform for educators to discuss current trends, methodologies, and advancements in computer science education.

The crux of Dr. Conde’s presentation was his paper titled, “Implementing the semi-flipped classroom model to create a more engaging and hands-on learning experience for video game programming.” This scholarly work elucidates an innovative teaching paradigm already implemented in the Introduction to Game Programming course, an integral part of the Department of Computer Science’s BS in Computer Science (GAME option). The semi-flipped classroom model pivots towards an interactive and experiential form of learning, thus enabling students at varying levels of competency to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Besides the enriching academic discourse, JENUI 2023 facilitated an exploration of Granada’s vibrant cultural heritage. Conference attendees had the opportunity to participate in guided tours of the historic Albaicín district and the magnificent Alhambra. Additionally, the conference offered social activities such as a welcome cocktail at Carmen de la Victoria and a gala dinner at the distinguished Hotel Palacio de Santa Paula.

Nevertheless, the academic dialogue was the focal point of JENUI 2023, encapsulating a diverse range of contributions from myriad areas within computer science education. The conference emerged as a seminal event promoting an environment conducive to mutual learning and knowledge exchange.

Following the successful implementation of the semi-flipped classroom model in the game programming course, Dr. Conde plans to extrapolate this teaching methodology to other practical courses, including the Mobile Apps Development course. This initiative underscores his persistent dedication to enhancing the quality of computer science education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

As we await further updates from Dr. Conde on the wider application of the semi-flipped classroom model, we remain committed to our institution’s mission of fostering an exceptional educational environment. Through such efforts, we continue to equip our students effectively for the future, preparing them for both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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