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How to Use the Unity Player

  1. Click the arrow icon in the bottom right to enable full-screen mode.
  2. Click and drag the screen to navigate the scene.
  3. Select the arrow buttons to explore further.
  4. When it appears, click the maroon “i” icon to read more about UA Little Rock Westhall Dorms.
  5. When it appears, click an image to expand it.


Cooper Fountain 360 is a tour of UA Little Rock’s Cooper Fountain and Starbucks.
Cooper Fountain is located in front of Dickinson Hall. The fountain was completed in 1969.
It has been a great place for students, faculty, and staff to take a break from their day since it was built. Today, it’s a popular spot to take First Day of Class photos! Undoubtedly, it is the best place to be on campus.

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Project Managers

Thomas Coffin
Jason Zak
Wesley Ferguson


Phillip Bryan
Carlos Ochoa
Cecily Mobley
Kimari Watson
Asmalia Redzuan
Samuel Thomas
Taylor White
Adam Perry
Colin McNerny
Parikshya Bhandari
Luka Woodson
Zach Borromeo