Trail of Tears 360 App

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How to Use the Unity Player

  1. Click the arrow icon in the bottom right to enable full-screen mode.
  2. Click and drag the screen to navigate the scene.
  3. Select the arrow buttons to explore further.
  4. When it appears, click the maroon “i” icon to read more about The Trail of Tears.
  5. When it appears, click an image to expand it.


The Trail of Tears Park, located on the UA Little Rock campus, details the forced migration of the Native American population from their ancestral lands in the name of western expansion. This tour, designed by the Emerging Analytics Center, allows users to virtually explore the park and read all of the information it has to offer. Users will begin the tour next to Asher Avenue – a street that was once part of the path taken by Native Americans. The 360 Trail of Tears tour is currently built for both the WebGL and Oculus VR platforms.

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Project Managers

Thomas Coffin
Jason Zak
Wesley Ferguson


Phillip Bryan
Carlos Ochoa
Cecily Mobley
Kimari Watson
Asmalia Redzuan
Samuel Thomas
Taylor White
Adam Perry
Colin McNerny
Parikshya Bhandari
Luka Woodson
Zach Borromeo