SIGGRAPH 2023 - Exhibits

By Jayasri Guthula

Advised by Dr. Aryabrata Basu

Summer 2023, I had the privilege to serve as a student volunteer at 50th SIGGRAPH conference, where I found myself at the crossroads of innovation, creativity, and scholarly exchange. The exhibits represented a microcosm of forward-thinking innovation, showcasing the relentless quest to push the boundaries of what is possible within the realms of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Among the myriad showcases, the Emerging Technologies exhibit stood as a testament to human ingenuity, displaying inventions that promise to redefine our interaction with the digital realm.

ACM SIGGRAPH 2023 Immersive Pavilion: One of the highlights of SIGGRAPH 2023 was the Immersive Pavilion[1], where I witnessed seamless live performances that combined physical and virtual audiences in the multiverse. This exhibit showcased the growing popularity of VR concerts and the innovative ways in which performers and online attendees can connect, despite being in different spaces and times. The Immersive Pavilion’s blend of reality and the digital realm exemplified the future of entertainment, where the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds are increasingly blurred, allowing for a new dimension of interaction and engagement across the globe.

Figure 1: Kanji Characters

Calligraphy Experience System: Another captivating exhibit was the Calligraphy Experience System[3], which aimed to convey the relationship between Kanji characters and nature. This exhibit went beyond teaching the meaning and writing order of Kanji characters, emphasizing the cultural aspects and fostering a deeper understanding of these characters. As I observed users writing Kanji characters created from natural shapes with a brush, I witnessed the transformation of written characters into their original natural forms.

Figure 2: Gumball Dreams

Gumball Dreams: A VR Theater Experience: Attending the immersive theater experience ”Gumball Dreams”[4] was a truly unique and captivating journey. This VR-based production pushed the boundaries of traditional theater, allowing audiences to become fully immersed in the story. It transported attendees into a realm where reality blurred and imagination flourished. This innovative production was a testament to the evolution of storytelling and entertainment, breaking away from the confines of traditional theater. The feeling of embodiment, interactivity, and cinematic quality combined to create a remarkable experience that closely resembled the magic of attending a live theater performance in person. This immersive adventure blurred the lines between viewer and story, creating an unforgettable experience that was both intimate and expansive.

Figure 3: Empathy Experience

Heightened Empathy: A Multi-user Interactive Experience in VR: The Heightened Empathy[2]

exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2023 showcased a bioresponsive VR experience aimed at fostering empathy between users by visualizing emotional states. Specifically, the exhibit demonstrated VR’s potential to forge meaningful human connections through a unique feature where participants could ‘see’ and ‘feel’ each other’s emotions in real-time, leading to a deeper understanding and empathy. Alongside the exhibit, the event featured discussions, a mix of abstract and reality in the Studio and VR Theater, industry advancements in the Commercial Exhibits, and Production Sessions revealing the magic behind the scenes. Each part of SIGGRAPH 2023 connected the dots between the present and future, merging reality with virtual realms. It was more than an exhibit; it was a journey through the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques, broadening horizons and reigniting passion for the field.


Reflecting on SIGGRAPH 2023, my journey through its myriad exhibits and sessions was not only an educational adventure but also a deep dive into the evolving synergy between technology and human creativity. This conference underscored the infinite possibilities at the intersection of computer graphics, interactive techniques, and human expression, leaving me inspired and eager for the future of digital innovation.

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